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Re: ELPA: New package: minibuffer-header

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: ELPA: New package: minibuffer-header
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2022 00:21:06 +0300
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* Nicolas P. Rougier (inria) <nicolas.rougier@inria.fr> [2022-08-06 22:21]:
> Jean Louis [2022-08-06 at 19:51] wrote:
> > How do I practicaly use it with functions such as `read-from-string'?
> Not sure to see the connection. How is it related to minibuffer?

Because such functions as `read-from-string' directly use
minibuffer. I have extensive use of such functions in my work and
other people use it as well. Heaving a header in minibuffer would help
my workers understand better what is meant with the input.

>From manual:

The “minibuffer” is where Emacs commands read complicated arguments,
such as file names, buffer names, Emacs command names, or Lisp
expressions.  We call it the “minibuffer” because it’s a special-purpose
buffer with a small amount of screen space.  You can use the usual Emacs
editing commands in the minibuffer to edit the argument text.


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