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Re: Supporting git-send-email/hg email in VC

From: Antoine Kalmbach
Subject: Re: Supporting git-send-email/hg email in VC
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2022 11:36:55 +0300

It seems I wrote a bunch of replies off-list. Oops. Anyway, a summary of
what I think are the conclusions.

First, by relying only on git-format-patch to produce the emailsin the
Git backend we should not be omitting any nuance that git-send-email
has. Thus if we take the .patch file(s) directly and then open those in
the MUA of the user, we won't do anything drastically different from
git-email. The patches will by default be inline, though I suppose users
could customize these to become attachments, but these won't obviously
work with `git am`.

Sam James <sam@gentoo.org> writes:

> Often, people are told to defer to git send-email because it definitely
> does Things Right, but I haven't looked into the things it takes
> care to do correctly. It might be easy for Emacs to do those.

I will keep digging into this until I can be relatively confident about
the differences.  Looking at the source code and manuals it seems to me
that git-format-patch is doing the heavy lifting and git-send-email is
just a MUA on top of that.  I mean, git-send-email accepts .patch files
by git-format-patch as an argument, so it really appears just to be a

But I need to be absolutely sure before proceeding.
Antoine Kalmbach

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