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Re: Using Emacs in fbterm.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Using Emacs in fbterm.
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 14:26:43 -0400
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>>> +;;; fbterm.el  -*- lexical-binding:t -*-
>>> +(require 'term/xterm)
>> This lacks the usual license blurb, of course
> Short files in lisp/term/ do not have that license blurb, I thought it was
> on purpose?

Hmm..... interesting.  I don't know what should be done in this respect.
But the important thing is to explain/document the why of the code so
that 10 years from now someone will know how to maintain it.

>>> + (ignore-errors (when gpm-mouse-mode (require 't-mouse) 
>>> (gpm-mouse-enable))))
>> Hmm... this seems to point to a problem/shortcoming in `t-mouse.el` which
>> should arguably do that automatically, no?
> I confess I blindly copied that line from linux.el, thinking it was
> probably useful for something.

It should probably be removed from there as well.  If it causes
a regression that should be fixed in `t-mouse.el` or at the very least
come with a clear description of the problem it fixes.

> After some testing it doesn't seem to make a difference, so I'll just
> remove it.

Great, thanks,


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