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Re: How to walk a Lisp_String?

From: Manuel Giraud
Subject: Re: How to walk a Lisp_String?
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2022 17:07:31 +0200
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Po Lu <luangruo@yahoo.com> writes:

> Manuel Giraud <manuel@ledu-giraud.fr> writes:
>>> At least, yes.  And then I'd expect the currently active
>>> (a.k.a. "selected") menu item to have a different face from the other
>>> items, so that the active menu item stands out on display and provides
>>> a visual feedback for the user moving the mouse to select menu items.
>> You're right.  I guess that I'd have to introduce a menu-selected face.
>> But from where I am now, it will at a final stage.
> That feedback is provided by the Lucid menu widget, not through faces.


> We want to make the Lucid menu widget display multilingual text
> correctly by using the Emacs fontset machinery, not to make it define
> menu text appearance through faces.

Why not both?  Having multilingual text handled correctly in menu is a
goal but while here, I'd also like to be able to change the default menu
face from within emacs and have menus recomputed correctly.  Do you
think it is attainable?
Manuel Giraud

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