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Re: Adding a "quick-help" menu

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: Adding a "quick-help" menu
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2022 17:22:45 +0000

Sławomir Grochowski <slawomir.grochowski@gmail.com> writes:

> https://github.com/justbur/emacs-which-key features helps a lot in user
> interface.
> Help users to feel better, more comfortable and prevent from being lost.
> And it's kind of similar behavior to -> pressing the <tab> key for
> completion in 'minibuffer commands' like M-x, find-file, apropos etc.

Yes, but just like there is a difference between auto-completion and
tab-completion, there is a difference to be considered here.

Again, I don't think there is anything in Emacs by default that relies
on non-input the way which-key does.  One reason I dislike this is
because I've seen how some people use `which-key-mode' in person, just
waiting for the menu to (fragile) pop up, to skim through the columns to
find what they are looking for.  By comparison, I think that C-h and
isearch/occur/etc. is more idiomatic.

That being said, my proposal is much more modest, and has more to do
with Nano's default help bar at the bottom of the screen.

> To make it simple it should be limited to only a minibuffer similar to the
> <tab> completion system.
> Because which-key package allows you to display it in another buffer or
> frame. But that would be too much complexity.

Why would it be?

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