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Re: Progress on merging use-package?

From: Payas Relekar
Subject: Re: Progress on merging use-package?
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2022 08:04:52 +0530
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Thank you John!

John Wiegley <jwiegley@gmail.com> writes:

> I'd be happy to serve as supporting developer if someone else is willing to
> spearhead this effort on the docs and integration side. If you run into any
> issues, e-mail me directly and I'll be happy to help, but if it waits on me to
> get the documentation and proper build infrastructure together, I'm afraid it
> won't happen.

Alright, I'll try my hand. It will be slow going, for I am but a noob,
and most likely not happen before 29 branch is cut, but thats the plan.

Combining Philip's steps here, the plan is:

1. Get use-package in ELPA
   Philip already has a patch ready to be reviewed
2. Complete all documentation
   Not sure what it means to 'complete', but I'll go through it, try
   to make it in more tutorial-esque.
3. Prepare documentation in texinfo
   Will cross that bridge when 2 is done.
4. Add all relevant files to emacs.git
   TBD when 3 is done.
5. Ensure everything loads properly
   TBD when 4 is done. This part will probably need testing from wider
   community, but its out enough in the future that I don't want to
   think about it right now.

Philip, would you have any pointer to get started on #2?



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