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Re: [NonGNU ELPA] New package: sweep

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: [NonGNU ELPA] New package: sweep
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 20:49:10 +0300
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>>> I agree with RMS (<E1odDGZ-0005aw-79@fencepost.gnu.org>) that it might
>>> be nice to have a more indicative name, or at least something that
>>> includes "Prolog".  Mor eso because "sweep" makes me think of something
>>> that cleans.
>> I've given it some thought, and all in all I would like to keep the name
>> `sweep` for this project.  I do see however why this name may be
>> unhelpful for Emacs users who are not familiar with SWI-Prolog, or who
>> are looking for some "cleaning" package...  As a possible solution, I'd
>> be happy to change the name of the Elisp package to `sweeprolog` while
>> still referring to the project as a whole as `sweep` (e.g. in the
>> manual).  Does that sounds alright?
> I think that would be nice, and there shouldn't be a need to rename the
> entire project.

I wonder where this requirement to put all tags in the package name comes from?
While looking at the long list of package names, it's hard to find a package
whose name immediately hints at what it does.  This is a non-problem
that is solved in all package managers by using tags and full-text search.
And indeed list-package allows both ways, e.g. when someone is interested
in Prolog, then it's easy to type '/ k' (package-menu-filter-by-keyword).
Or try to use '/ d erlang RET' (package-menu-filter-by-description)
and see that almost no package has it in the package name,
yet these packages can be easily found:

 auto-complete-distel    melpa  Erlang/distel completion backend for 
 company-distel          melpa  Erlang/distel completion backend for 
 company-erlang          melpa  company backend based on ivy-erlang-complete
 distel-completion-lib   melpa  Completion library for Erlang/Distel
 edts                    melpa  Erlang Development Tool Suite
 erlang                  melpa  Erlang major mode
 erlstack-mode           melpa  Minor mode for analysing Erlang stacktraces
 ivy-erlang-complete     melpa  Erlang context sensitive completion at point 
using ivy
 lfe-mode                melpa  Lisp Flavoured Erlang mode

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