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From: Pedro Andres Aranda Gutierrez
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2022 08:30:27 +0200

Rob writes:
> Regarding the writes to HOME, etc.  I think David covered that fairly
> well -- Debian runs emacs to "do things" (build .elcs, run tests, etc.)
> at package build time, package install time, and during package testing.
> In all of these cases, we're likely to want to avoid side-effects outside
> the build/test dir like writing .elc or .eln files to the current user's
> HOME, whether that's /root/ or /home/*.  It sounds like we may be able
> to accomplish that by redirecting everything to a temp dir, which is
> likely fine.

I know this may come late and be redundant, but just my .01 cents of experience:
I have my own tweaked Debian infra to build emacs29 for Ubuntu and I have native-compile enabled. All .eln files generated during build from the emacs (git) source are stored in /usr/lib/emacs-xyz and are never recompiled when I run emacs. 

What actually gets natively compiled to $HOME/.emacs.d/eln-cache is any package that I download from (m)elpa-xyz as a result of my HOME/.emacs.d/init.el

I may be doing something wrong, but AFAIK it seems to work and I have the same functionality on my Ubuntu natively-compiled Emacs and on the macOS (both running +/- the same snapshot of the emacs master git branch), where I have no native compilation.

I hope I somehow contributed something ;-)
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