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Re: [ANN] The 2022 Emacs User Survey is now open!

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: [ANN] The 2022 Emacs User Survey is now open!
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2022 10:26:49 +1100
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I agree with Po. The question "When you discover a new package that
looks interesting, what do you do next?" needs a do nothing or perhaps
"Wait until I actually need it before trying it out". I see many
'interesting' packages, but most of them I don't try or use because
despite being interesting, they add no value to what I actually do.

More generally, I feel the questions about packages have a slight bias
towards a behaviour which I frequently see, but feel is often
misguided. That is, to madly install lots of packages, most of which you
never use (a behaviour common in other systems which use a package
system to extend functionality). I am on a number of lists/forums where
people often want support/help with Emacs. A very common resolution for
issues they are encountering is to remove lots of unused and unnecessary
packages. Frequently, once we cut down to only the packages they
actually use, problems they have encountered go away. 

My use case is that while I may note an interesting looking package in
my Emacs notes file, I am unlikely to ever install it unless it
addresses some issue I am running into. I tend not to actually monitor
the release of new packages. Instead, I will look for an appropriate
package when I identify some need or weakness in current workflow. It
isn't easy to express this use case in the survey. 

Timothy <tec@tecosaur.net> writes:

> Hi All,
> Iā€™m thrilled to announce that the Emacs User Survey 2022 is now open to
> responses. It is my hope that this may help emacs-devel, Emacs package
> maintainers, and the wider Emacs community, develop a better understanding of
> how people experience Emacs on a day-to-day basis.
> <https://emacssurvey.org/>
> The survey will be open from October 24th to November 30th.
> This time there are /no/ non-free Javascript or user-tracking caveats as this
> features a bespoke survey framework written from scratch for the Emacs User
> Survey to support a pure HTML-forms + CSS approach with server-side rendering
> šŸŽ‰.
> See the [FAQ] for more information on the survey itself.
> It would be fantastic for this to be shared as far and wide as possible, to 
> get
> responses from a large swathe of the community. If you can share this with 
> Emacs
> communities you are a part of, as well as any friends or colleagues that use
> Emacs, that would be much appreciated.
> We can look forward to a discussion of the (preliminary) results in EmacsConf:
> <https://emacsconf.org/2022/talks/survey/>.
> All the best,
> Timothy
> [FAQ] <https://emacssurvey.org/faq.html>

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