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Re: Edebug corrupting point in buffers.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Edebug corrupting point in buffers.
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2022 16:39:23 -0400
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> I think before digging into the reasons, we should decide what kind of
> behavior we would consider "correct" and/or "useful" in the relevant
> use cases with Edebug.  The answer is not easy, because AFAIU Edebug
> cannot easily know which window(s) and which buffer(s) are affected by
> the program being debugged.

If we follow the model or "traditional debuggers" which run in
a separate process, then it would make a lot of sense for Edebug to
save&restore points in all the buffers that it (Edebug) touches, so as
to better preserve the behavior we get when Edebug is not invoked.

For that Edebug doesn't need to know which buffers are affected by the
program being debugged, it just needs to know the buffers that it
(itself) affects, which doesn't sound impractically difficult.


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