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Re: feature/package+vc 04c4c578c7 3/4: Allow for packages to be installe

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: feature/package+vc 04c4c578c7 3/4: Allow for packages to be installed directly from VCS
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2022 23:14:35 -0400

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  > >After that, you may wish to load the code of that package, or arrange
  > >for it to be loaded on other occasions in the future, or you may not.
  > >We should provide easy ways to do those things if you want to, but we
  > >shouldn't impose those things on you by default just because you
  > >asked to see those sources in a repo.
  > >

  > In that case we are simply talking about different things.

We're talking about the same thing, but looking at it from two
different angles.

You want to do two things together: to check out source from the
upstrean repo, and set up to use that version by default in Emacs.
Now you've added a command to check it out and not do anything else.

I see them as conceptually separate.  I think we should have a command
to check out source from the upstrean repo and no more.  And then
a command to activate that version for use.

It's not a crucial difference.  Either way, the user can check it out
with or without activation.

If we include checking out the ELPA repo, then we have four
possibilities: check out the ELPA repo, check it out and activate it,
check out the upstream repo, and check it out and activate it.

Then there is an advantage in separating checkout and activation.
Then we need only two checkout commands (the upstream repo and the
ELPA repo), and one activate command that can activate either repo.

But it's not a problem if that has to be done with four commands.

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