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RE: [External] : CL packages on hold

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : CL packages on hold
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2022 16:01:00 +0000

> Just a short notice for the few (1?) that are following feature/pkg, and
> wonder: I'm no longer working on it.
> There are several reasons for this that I won't go into. The most
> important reason for me personally is that I no longer find it
> interesting enough.  Maybe that will change in the future again, who
> knows.
> For the current status of the branch, please see
> admin/cl-packages.org.

Damn!  Really sorry to hear this.  Anyway,
thanks for working on it and regenerating
some interest.  Maybe someone (or you) will
pick it up and run with it again at some

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