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Re: feature/package-vc has been merged

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: feature/package-vc has been merged
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2022 07:09:24 +0000

Rudolf Adamkovič <salutis@me.com> writes:

>> Do you have `debug-on-error' enabled?  I don't use MELPA, so this
>> error doesn't occur in my case.  I've modified `package-archives', but
>> even so the most I get in my case is
>>     Failed to download ‘melpa’ archive.
> I first got
>   Failed to download ‘melpa-stable’ archive.
>   Failed to download ‘melpa’ archive.
> Then I enabled `debug-on-error' to give you as much info as I can.

Ah ok, but that is to be excepted for now.  I am not part of the MELPA
project, so I can't "force" them to provide package specifications.  If
they are missing, then we must rely on heuristics to download source
packages.  My hope is that they will add the file too at some point.

> Rudy

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