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[ELPA] New package: kixtart-mode

From: morgan
Subject: [ELPA] New package: kixtart-mode
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2022 21:55:27 +0100
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I'd like to submit language support for KiXtart as a GNU ELPA package
(patch is attached).

KiXtart (http://www.kixtart.org/) is a Windows scripting language which
doesn't have much in the way of modern editor support.

This is the first Emacs package that I've made but I'm fairly confident
there is nothing too terrible in there and I am actively using it.

There is a slight complication in that there is an old kixtart-mode
package on MELPA which just provided some font locking. I do have
permission from the author of this previous package to take over the
package name, effectively replacing the MELPA package with the new GNU
ELPA package. See confirmation from the author of the previous package
here: https://github.com/ryrun/kixtart-mode/issues/2

I have gone through the FSF copyright assignment process and received
confirmation that it was successfully completed.

Would there be any issues in adding the package?


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