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Re: Tree sitter support for C-like languages

From: Theodor Thornhill
Subject: Re: Tree sitter support for C-like languages
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2022 16:09:12 +0100

On 11 November 2022 14:37:02 CET, Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> 
>> Yeah, I'm interested in reducing duplication, but not for that reason
>> only.  But I'm thinking of ways to make one inherit the other.
>I like inheritance between modes, but I recommend that you never inherit
>from a "normal mode": modes should be either designed for inheritance
>(`prog-mode`, `text-mode`, `special-mode`, `tex-mode`, ...) or be
>actually used in buffers, but preferably not both.
>So better create a "c-like" parent mode from which both `c-ts-mode` and
>`c++-ts-mode` inherit than have one inherit from the other.
>        Stefan

Sounds like a plan!

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