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Re: feature/package-vc has been merged

From: Rudolf Adamkovič
Subject: Re: feature/package-vc has been merged
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 23:20:02 +0100

Stefan Kangas <stefankangas@gmail.com> writes:

>> And speaking of `-autoremove', should we also add `-vc-autoremove'?
> My concern is that it seems easy to accidentally delete some changes
> hidden away in a branch or stash.  Or even on the master/main branch.

Good point!

> Should such a command double check that no local changes exist before
> autoremoving, and ask for an additional confirmation if that is the
> case, perhaps?

That would make it super-duper, but I guess we cannot do that check
easily, can we?  The user can have uncommitted changes but also commits
on various branches, non-versioned patch and scratch files lying around,
and who knows what else.

"Logic is a science of the necessary laws of thought, without which no
employment of the understanding and the reason takes place."
-- Immanuel Kant, 1785

Rudolf Adamkovič <salutis@me.com> [he/him]
Studenohorská 25
84103 Bratislava

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