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Re: [External] : Re: Adding use-package to core

From: North Year
Subject: Re: [External] : Re: Adding use-package to core
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 17:45:29 -0500
User-agent: mu4e 1.8.10; emacs 28.2

Drew Adams <drew.adams@oracle.com> writes:

>> To me, use-package and package.el are mainly orthogonal:
>> Package.el is for package management (installing, updating,
>> removing), while use-package is for customization beyond
>> what Customize provides – or at least allows you to
>> concentrate changes related to the same package in one place.
> Speaking/asking from ignorance here…
> 1. “Customization beyond what Customize provides”
> What kinds of such customization, besides the
> one you call out next (#2)?

customize.el offers a handy way for package developers
to specify options that is easier for user to tweak.

use-package has nothing to do with package developer,
it is for users. Users are easy to configure packages
in in one place
(including tweaking stuffs with customize.el by `:config')

use-package brings nothing new, it is just syntax sugar
with builtin functions (like autoload, with-eval-after-load, add-hook) stuffs.

And indeed, when using use-package at the first time, I often
need to macro-expand it to see its behaviors really
do something as expected.

> 2. “allows you to concentrate changes related
> to the same package in one place”

you can wrap all your configurations with a package in one place `(use-package 
xxx xxxxxxxx)',
where you customize the hooks, stuffs with customized.el,
the things need to do before loading this package, and
the things ned to do after loading this package,
the functions that need to autoloaded,
the keybindings related to this package, etc.

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