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Re: On improving Bookmarks

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: On improving Bookmarks
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 11:28:30 -0600
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[I'm combining the original bug-59212 thread with an emacs-devel thread here.]

On 12 Nov 2022, Eli Zaretskii wrote in Bug #59212:
From: Gabriel <gabriel376@hotmail.com>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 05:56:22 -0300

Not a bug per se, but a suggestion for improvement in how Bookmark displays the Type (added by commit 7c995264359824cc1aca40ca37201db5ed44e659).

Currently, bookmark-bmenu-list (C-x r l) displays a column named Type, which has a proper value for all handlers (e.g.: Eshell, VC, EWW etc) except for regular files, in which an empty string is displayed. I believe the current behavior could be improved by displaying a default value ("Files") to make the interface more uniform, explicit and to
avoid confusion.

1) emacs -Q
2) M-x eshell
3) C-x r m <RET>
4) C-x C-f ~/foo.bar
5) C-x r m <RET>
6) C-x r b

These steps will add two bookmarks (eshell and foo.bar) and will open
the Bookmarks list. The Type column will have values "" and
"Eshell". After the patch below is applied, the Type column will have
values "File" and "Eshell".


Karl, any comments?

I don't have a strong opinion on this UI suggestion.

For users who set mostly file-or-directory bookmarks, and don't set very many bookmarks of other types, then it probably makes sense to treat files/directories as the default and not show a type for them. That way, the unusual bookmarks stand out (which is useful because they might have different response-time characteristics, or other interactive idiosyncracies, than that user's typical bookmark does).

On the other hand, for users for whom file/directory bookmarks are not more common than other kinds of bookmarks, showing "File" or "Directory" like any other type would probably be better. Those users are already accustomed to a variety of interactivity characteristics from their bookmarks anyway, so it makes less sense to trade away consistency of display in favor of stand-out visibility of certain cases.

But these are really minor differences; they're not terribly persuasive either way. I think I'm still at "no strong opinion". I wouldn't stand in the way of the change.

Continuing on to the later conversation on emacs-devel about this:

On 16 Nov 2022, Gabriel wrote:

I think there are some opportunities for improvements in Bookmarks (in general and in how it support Types) and would like to collect general feedback and directions before reporting bugs or proposing patches, especially considering if such changes would be useful, the effort to
implement them and how to handle compatibility.

Bookmarks has support for Types besides regular "Files" or "Directories" (opened with Dired). A quick xref in current Emacs master branch shows
the following Types:

- "DocView"
- "Eshell"
- "Gnus"
- "Help"
- "Image-Dired"
- "Info"
- "Man"
- "EWW"
- "VC"
- "WoMan"

1) The empty "Type" column on C-x r l (bookmark-bmenu-list)

Bookmarks shows a proper value in the Type column of bookmark-bmenu-list for all Types, except for regular "Files" and "Directories", in which shows an empty string. I believe that displaying the actual Type rather an empty string for these cases would make the interface more consistent and easier for navigation. See bug#59212 for the open discussion.
Besides the question regarding the real value of this change, I
currently don't know how to easily distinguish between "Files" and "Directories" without relying on IO calls (e.g. file-directory-p), which could degrade performance in case of long Bookmarks lists. We could display the string "File" for both "Files" and "Directories", but it would be a worse experience for users to not provide such distinction.

Could we just use a combined term like "File/Dir" or "File/Path" or just "Path" or something? Not the perfect user experience, but an 80% solution. Obviously, we'd want to keep the width small.

2) The usage of "File" and "Filename" in docs and interface

In docs (e.g. (info "(emacs)Bookmarks")) and interface (e.g. the "File" column in bookmark-bmenu-list), we can find several occurrences of the
terms "File" and "Filename" (and related terms), which I think is
inconsistent since Bookmarks supports Types that do not really have these concepts (e.g. "Help", "Man", "EWW", "Gnus"). A better term would
be "Location", which is already used in some places
(e.g. bookmark-location, bookmark-relocate, the 'location property). Thus, I propose to make "Location" the official term in docs, interface
and code, and to obsolete "File", "Filename" and related ones.

+1. This makes a lot of sense, independently of whatever we do in the Type column of the Bookmark Menu.

The rest of your post on emacs-devel isn't really related to bug #59212, so I'll follow up separately to it in a moment.

Best regards,

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