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Re: eglot--spinner

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: eglot--spinner
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 11:24:04 +0000

On Sat, Nov 19, 2022 at 9:36 AM Stephen Leake <stephen_leake@stephe-leake.org> wrote:
João Távora <joaotavora@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Stephen,
> Look in the bug tracker: there's someone implementing a better
> progress indicator with an implementation that looks very good
> from what I've seen so far and uses LSP interfaces.
> Here it is: https://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=59149
> We can/should try to coalesce the "eglot--spinner" with that.

That is better than using the mode-line, and meets my needs.

So I suggest we just delete eglot--spinner.

I'd say you're right, I can't find a use for it atm.  Also delete the part
of the mode-line updating where it is consulted, as that is basically
dead code right now.

IIRC it was used when there was some RLS-specific code
that informed the user that RLS was not ready for some LSP
requests yet.

Perhaps we can still think of putting the progress indication resulting
from Danny's patch in the Eglot-specific mode-line section.


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