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Re: [NonGNU ELPA] 11 new packages!

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [NonGNU ELPA] 11 new packages!
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 07:05:05 -0500

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  > >> Before someone asks me to consider assigning my copyright, I would like
  > >> to say that a printed copy of assignment agreement is in my hands right
  > >> now, but I can't sign it now, and I don't know when I'll able to sign
  > >> (don't get me wrong, I really want to sign it).
  > >
  > > Do you know when you will know, or are you saying that it isn't worth
  > > waiting?

  > No, I don't know.  It might be tomorrow (very unlike, but possible), or
  > even months later.  I think these packages should be published in the
  > mean time.

Not in GNU ELPA!  An agreement that MIGHT be signed is not valid.

It is ok to add them to NonGNU ELPA if they meet the other
requirements for NonGNU ELPA.

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