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Re: Eglot, project.el, and python virtual environments

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Eglot, project.el, and python virtual environments
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 17:23:34 +0200
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On 19.11.2022 03:56, João Távora wrote:
I didn't even measure it because it never finished :-)

Too bad. On my machine in gecko-dev (200000 files)

  (project-files (project-current))

finishes in a little over 1 second with warm fs cache.

I built
a backend-style based completion table based on
voidtools everything (https://www.voidtools.com/downloads/ <https://www.voidtools.com/downloads/>)
with regexp completion.  It's pretty fast.

That's Windows-only, right?

I had hoped to plug it in project.el but I couldn't find a way, so
I rebound C-x p f to it.

Should be easy enough: you create your own backend (rather than reusing 'transient') and override the generic 'project-files'. Then add it to project-find-functions.

Not sure about regexp matching (maybe completion styles would help), and you'll need to figure out the "ignores" mechanism -- how you would specify them: just picking up from .gitignore, or having a buffer-local variable.

Anyway, this is the problem with the popular recommendation: just add a thing to 'project-find-functions'. It degrades performance and changes how project commands work too.

OTOH, the fact that many people seem to accept the consequences anyway is probably saying something as well.

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