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Re: Tree-sitter, using treesit-range-rules for embedded languages

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Re: Tree-sitter, using treesit-range-rules for embedded languages
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 11:28:48 -0800

> On Nov 22, 2022, at 9:24 AM, Wilhelm <wkirschbaum@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there perhaps an example using treesit-range-rules? To following
> attempt to set treesit-range-settings does not seem to have the desired
> effect.
> (defvar heex--treesit-range-rules
>  (treesit-range-rules
>   :embed 'elixir
>   :host 'heex
>   '((directive (partial_expression_value) @cap)
>     (directive (expression_value) @cap)
>     (expression (expression_value) @cap))))
> (setq-local treesit-range-settings heex--treesit-range-rules)
> The following error also pops up when modifying the buffer when removing
> buffer content:
> Error during redisplay: (jit-lock-function 1) signaled
> (treesit-range-invalid "RANGE is either overlapping, out-of-order or
> out-of-range" ((11 . 20)))
> The full attempt is here: 
> https://github.com/wkirschbaum/elixir-mode/blob/main/heex-mode.el

Thanks Wilhelm. It would be nice if you can provide some example source file of 
heex for me to experiment with. I tried to find some on the internet but didn’t 
get very far :-)


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