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Re: Add cl-defgeneric project-name; first use case eglot

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Add cl-defgeneric project-name; first use case eglot
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 10:33:15 +0200
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>> (1) C-x p p emacs TAB is currently rather crowded, because I stuff a lot
>> of things under ~/src/emacs: emacs.git worktrees, elpa.git, upstream
>> repos for *ELPA packages…
>> If I could "name" projects such that only emacs.git worktrees included
>> the string "emacs" (rather than all repos under ~/src/emacs), that'd
>> make completion more efficient.
> You're welcome to experiment with project-prompt-project-dir's code. But
> note that until now that function didn't require to "materialize" project
> instances for every entry, it just works off saved directory names.
> The feature you have in mind seems to require fetching a project instance
> for every dir and calling 'project-name' on it. The apparent #1 gotcha
> would be with remote filesystems where connection is slow/impossible, but
> it might be possible to skip those when computing the names.

It's possible to add projects names to project--list that it saved in
~/.emacs.d/projects, e.g. '(("~/project/dir/" (name . "Project name")) ...)

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