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Re: master c69858b3f0: ; * lisp/treesit.el (treesit-ready-p): Guard agai

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: master c69858b3f0: ; * lisp/treesit.el (treesit-ready-p): Guard against empty buffers.
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 09:57:38 -0500
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>> But my question was not so much pointing out a problem but trying to
>> understand why we chose the more complex code.
> Because we need to compare with byte positions,

Ah, because we wrote "(in bytes)" in the docstring of
`treesit-max-buffer-size`.  That's a rather unusual choice.  All other
places were we use(d) a limit on the buffer size it's always been based
on the number of chars.

I doubt it would make a significant difference here either (e.g. not
only the "10 times" memory use of the tree-sitter tree is obviously
a rough approximation, but I doubt it's related to the number of bytes
more than to the number of chars or even the number of lexemes).


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