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Merging use-package before Emacs 29, hopefully

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Merging use-package before Emacs 29, hopefully
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2022 05:19:25 -0800

Hi Emacs,

I have pushed the current progress on merging use-package to the new
branch scratch/use-package.  I based this on João Távora's and Payas
Relekar's work on merging eglot, but adapted it for use-package.[1]

Here is the script I ended up with:


This is what remains:

1. I'm still working on the new use-package.texi manual.  It pretty much
   amounts to a rewrite, or close to it.  If Eli and John are fine with
   it, I'm happy to finish up that work after the merge.  Otherwise, I'm
   not sure I can make it in time for the Emacs 29 merge window.  I'll
   try my best in any case, of course, but other commitments destroyed
   most of my time for focused work in the last week.

2. I didn't mark trivial commits with "Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes".
   Using the scripts from João and Payas, it will be trivial to add, if
   I can get access to a list of the relevant commits.

   - Do we care strongly about this?
   - If yes, do we have a list of commits that need such marking?  Or,
     equivalently, the authors whose work we don't need assignments for?

3. The mailmap.txt file may or may not need looking over.  For example,
   I'm not sure how important it is that the emails line up with the
   copyright assignments file.  João seems to have spent some time
   ensuring that they do, but I'm not sure if that was out of necessity
   or in the interest of tidiness.  I've attached mailmap.txt below.

These points are minor, I think, but added for completion:

4. Just as with eglot, we should add the merge point to

5. I added the files README.md as admin/USE-PACKAGE.README and NEWS.md
   as etc/USE-PACKAGE-NEWS.  We might want to just skip these files
   though, as they don't add much.  They are available in the old
   repository if anyone should need to take a look at them.

[1] Their scripts are still available at:

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