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Re: tree-sitter and language support

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Re: tree-sitter and language support
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2022 22:51:51 -0800

> On Nov 24, 2022, at 9:20 PM, T.V Raman <raman@google.com> wrote:
> I installed from elpa/melpa:
> ls -1 -d tree-sitter-*
> tree-sitter-20220212.1632/
> tree-sitter-langs-20221122.645/
> 21:18:06 elpa $ 
> but emacs compiled from latest Git Head still produces the completely
> unhelpful message 
> tree-support for language <x> is unavailable if I invoke c-ts-mode or
> c++-ts-mode
> A note in the News file detailing what bits one needs to install might
> be the shoes we need to help us walk the final mile on this long road
> to tree-sitter integration.

We are just starting to work on tree-sitter’s user-facing documentation, 
including the (emacs) manual and NEWS file. I’ll definitely improve the error 
message. In the meantime, find files that looks like libtree-sitter-xxx.so and 
put them under ~/.emacs.d/tree-sitter (or a standard library location like 
/usr/local/lib), and Emacs should be able to find them.


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