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Re: Rename Tree-sitter major modes from "ts" to "treesit" (was Re: tree-

From: Theodor Thornhill
Subject: Re: Rename Tree-sitter major modes from "ts" to "treesit" (was Re: tree-sitter version?)
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 07:45:05 +0100

On 26 November 2022 02:04:49 CET, Stefan Kangas <stefankangas@gmail.com> wrote:
>Theodor Thornhill via "Emacs development discussions."
><emacs-devel@gnu.org> writes:
>> Feel free to commit this, Eli.  I've only done a rename.
>However, note that it's better to rename the file in a separate commit,
>containing no other changes.  That way, "git blame" provides stronger
>guarantees for providing correct attribution.  (BTW, "git log" does too,
>but it needs a --follow flag.)
>So I did the rename separately, in your name, applied your patch on top,
>and pushed the result to master (commit 374f4e38c1).  I also adjusted
>the commit message slightly to reflect this:
>    Rename ts-mode to typescript-ts-mode
>    * lisp/progmodes/typescript-ts-mode.el: Rename from 'ts-mode' to
>    'typescript-ts-mode'.  Rename all symbols to match new prefix.
>    * etc/NEWS: Mention the new mode name.
>    Ref: https://lists.gnu.org/r/emacs-devel/2022-11/msg01587.html

Ah ok - thanks for the tip! And for applying :)


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