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Re: csharp-mode in Emacs git master - a personal list of gratitude and t

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Re: csharp-mode in Emacs git master - a personal list of gratitude and thanks
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 14:03:55 -0800

> On Nov 25, 2022, at 12:00 PM, Jostein Kjønigsen 
> <jostein@secure.kjonigsen.net> wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> After years and years as a third-party mode, I'm absolutely stoked to see (a) 
> csharp-mode finally mainlined into Emacs.
> Sorry about the "long form" for this email, but for me this completes an 8 
> year journey as the "main" semi-lone steward of the Emacs C# project, and for 
> me this feels very much like a very personal project finally finding a new, 
> proper home.
> That we are here today is a big achievement, and I really want to call out 
> everyone I know and remember who helped us get here.
> First of all I want to thank Dylan R. E. Moonfire for the original 
> csharp-mode implementantation. This is where it all started, way back. Thanks 
> Dylan!
> I also want to thank Dino Chiesa who kept maintaining it for several years, 
> until around 2011.
> In 2014 when Emacs 24.4 was released, the old code broke and I took over as a 
> new maintainer. In that regard, I want to thank everyone who helped me out 
> fixing and improving csharp-mode. Contributions big and small: They were all 
> welcome and appreciated!
> For that early period I want to extend a special thanks to Vasailij 
> Schneidermann (or perhaps you know him as wasamasa). He was always eager to 
> help and provided much needed support. As far as I can tell, he wasn't just 
> there for me. He was there for the entire Emacs-community and seemingly still 
> is. A hero and living legend!
> I also want to thank Alan MacKenzie for his never endring patience when we 
> were stuck in some cc-mode troubles we couldn't dig ourselves out of and when 
> we were using cc-mode in undocumented ways we shouldn't be doing. Clearly a 
> gentleman of the olde school. You have my utmost respects!
> Yuan Fu obviously deserves a great big thanks, for making it possible to land 
> our new tree-sitter based implementation, which currently is the one I feel 
> closest attached to as of now. As such I really also should mention Tuấn-Anh 
> Nguyễn, who really pioneered getting tree-sitter and Emacs being into being 
> one thing, before this was even considered possible to do in Emacs core, 
> prior to Yuan Fu's efforts.
> But a particular, special thanks goes out to a single individual who over the 
> last few years have helped csharp-mode in ways and amounts I didn't imagine 
> possible. 
> Listing up "only" his major contributions to csharp-mode still makes for a 
> long list. This person contributed by among other things:
>       • creating a new clean-room cc-mode based implementation, which could 
> replace the old one, fixed bugs and now made it possible to even consider 
> mainlining it into Emacs core, for the benefit of all Emacs-users.
>       • for being one of the first Emacs-users out there trying out getting 
> tree-sitter based major-modes in Emacs a real thing. He authored the first 
> tree-sitter-based Emacs-mode I know of.
>       • for pushing me into trying to make a new csharp-mode based on Yuan 
> Fu's tree-sitter work in Emacs core, and then further improving on it.
>       • for working closely with everyone in Emacs-devel to make sure our 
> latest work was up to the standards you guys expect, and making sure it could 
> eventually get merged.
> I'm ofcourse talking about Theodor Thornhill.
> Theodor: You better believe I'm taking this merge as an early 
> Christmas-present! Thank you for having the ambition and drive I lacked after 
> years of "maintenance-mode" maintainership!
> Stefan Monnier deserves an honest mention too. He helped us land this, just 
> likes he helps everyone else. Thanks Stefan!
> So...
> While it may no longer be "my" csharp-mode nor "my" community maintaining it, 
> I still definitely want to keep it close and will try to provide patches and 
> improvements when I can.
> Rumour has it Theoder isn't writing that much C# any more (while I do), so 
> feel free to email me if you have issues or suggestions. I'll try to stay 
> around :)

It is very moving to read your words of such genuine passion and kindness. 
Indeed, the community is the real treasure we have, and I’m only grateful :-)


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