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Re: How to get DISPLAY of emacsclient?

From: Max Nikulin
Subject: Re: How to get DISPLAY of emacsclient?
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2022 21:23:34 +0700
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On 27/11/2022 20:42, Gregory Heytings wrote:

Personally, I have a shell script that works for me, but I would not recommend it to others. It adds emacsclient option to create an x frame if there is no it yet.

Note that emacsclient now has a '--reuse-frame' options, which creates a new frame if none exists, and uses the current Emacs frame otherwise.

Thank you for adding such option. I mentioned my script mostly to show that requirements of different users are not the same. Since I have a solution working for me, I considered the priority of my issue as rather low. Moreover the emacs-help mailing list may be more suitable to discuss it. Perhaps the new option solves it.

Currently I prefer to concentrate on the case of accessing X selection or getting DISPLAY without creation of visible frames.

P.S. My script notifies me that emacs server is not running, so it is unlikely that I will completely remove it. It is off-topic in this thread however.

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