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use-package: Problem with built-in packages?

From: David Masterson
Subject: use-package: Problem with built-in packages?
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2022 22:08:57 -0800
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I've run into a problem with installing Org-9.6 with use-package that I
wonder if it might be a general problem with use-package.

Org-9.6 (IIRC) introduced org-assert-version that everything in Org now
depends on.  I load many (all?) packages with use-package.  The problem
I get (once I fixed up my ":after" setting in the other packages) is a
:catch when loading Org-9.6:

Error (use-package): org/:catch: Invalid function: org-assert-version

The problem is that I'm using a pre-built Emacs v2.7 which has Org-9.3
built-in.  Testing says that Org is not loaded before the use-package
for Org.  Therefore, something is happening in the use-package for Org
that is causing Org to be loaded before the load-path is properly set
(thus, causing the :catch).

Does this make sense?  Hmm, I guess I should try adding Org-9.6to the
load-path before the use-package for Org.  If I'm right, everything
should start working.

What do you think?
David Masterson

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