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Re: emacs-29 9c0d7bb73b 2/2: Add automated tests for Eglot

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Re: emacs-29 9c0d7bb73b 2/2: Add automated tests for Eglot
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2022 13:52:06 -0800

João Távora <joaotavora@gmail.com> writes:

> I think the extra predicates you suggest are fine,
> feel free to push the changes.

Thanks, done.

> Maybe also adjust the autopep8 test expectation
> to match your result.  Or maybe write the reformat
> test using something stabler, like "clangd" if you have it.

I changed it to accept both the new and the old output.

> As for the :expensive, what do you think makes a test
> expensive.  The longest-running tests in my machine
> take less than 3 seconds.  But I'm not running the
> jtdls one (and I seem to remember that takes a bit
> more time).  So here, too, fell free to add :expensive
> tags to those tests.

I'd basically consider any test over half a second or a second or so as
a candidate for being marked as :expensive.  But we should do it
judiciously, of course.  (And even better if we can find a way to make
slow tests faster.)

Below are the tests that take more than 1 second on my slow machine.
Perhaps `javascript-basic' is both unimportant and slow enough to be
worth changing to :expensive?  Maybe some others too; I don't know.

   passed   1/50  auto-detect-running-server (2.753144 sec)
   passed   2/50  auto-reconnect (2.349814 sec)
   FAILED   4/50  basic-completions (10.155676 sec) at
   passed   6/50  basic-xref (4.709764 sec)
   passed  12/50  eglot--tramp-test (2.158451 sec)
   passed  17/50  eglot-eldoc-after-completions (5.457839 sec)
   passed  20/50  eglot-multiline-eldoc (2.512865 sec)
   passed  32/50  eglot-single-line-eldoc (5.273028 sec)
-> passed  34/50  javascript-basic (5.474341 sec)
   passed  36/50  non-unique-completions (3.871629 sec)
   passed  38/50  project-wide-diagnostics-typescript (2.126554 sec)
   FAILED  39/50  python-autopep-formatting (1.370773 sec) at
   passed  45/50  slow-async-connection (2.220646 sec)
   passed  46/50  slow-sync-connection-intime (1.153952 sec)
   passed  47/50  slow-sync-connection-wait (1.158264 sec)
   passed  48/50  slow-sync-timeout (1.130622 sec)

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