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Help with Android port? (+ gnulib question)

From: Po Lu
Subject: Help with Android port? (+ gnulib question)
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 18:13:44 +0800

As promised last November, I've pushed about 14,000 lines of stuff, with
support for building elc's with an Emacs built for the build machine,
then another set of binaries for the host machine (thus cross-compiling
Emacs), along with the configury for setting up the Android SDK build
tools, and the initial OS and window system support code for the Android
operating system.

It can be found on the feature/android branch.  Right now, what does not
work is (in ascending order by how difficult it would be to make it

  - there is no documentation.
  - there is no event handling aside from that of resize events.
  - text rendering doesn't work, everything is a glyphless glyph because
    the font backend is not fully implemented.
  - image display.
  - support for building Emacs with third party libraries.
  - dumping Emacs to disk upon first startup on the Android device.

Does anyone want to help fix those?  I will get to most of them
eventually, but if more people are involved they will get fixed faster.

Also, does anyone want to look at the mess in lib/Makefile.in and see
how that can be eliminated?  Along with the changes to random files in
lib/*.c to make them work with the odd cross-compile system?


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