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Some performance questions.

From: Ergus
Subject: Some performance questions.
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2023 20:08:19 +0100


I have been forced to use emacs in MS-Windows and after some days
tweaking and trying I have some comments I am not sure if they are
intended, known or issues. So, I ask before creating a bug report.

I am making this comments now because I have exactly the same config on
GNU/Linux and I don't have any issue.

1) I observed important lags and delays interactively (moving cursor,
scrolling or just editing simple C++ code).

I ran the profiler and I found that 50% of the time was consumed by
flycheck's hooks. As I know flycheck is not our business, I disabled it
and continued.

2) While much better; there is still a very annoying lag. If I type
fast, the letters don't appear in the screen immediately, but come all
together after a while.

Again profile-start and this time I found that in a simple test like
editing (type, delete words, write functions), 35% of the time was consumed
by the garbage collection (Automatic GC) and other 35% by flyspell.

- So I checked the gcs-done variable and the value was not specially
different than same test on GNU/Linux.. but the time percent was much

- I disabled the flyspell for the moment as I have no other choice.

3) Now, in spite of it is much better, still there is a significant lag
(compared with GNU/Linux) which concerns me about whats going on with
the GC.

Now I get in the profiler-report:

71 45% Automatic GC
68 43% redisplay_internal

37 23%          c-font-lock-declarations
20 12%          c-font-lock-cut-off-declarators

I have not observed such lags before on GNU/Linux, so some idea what I
may be doing wrong?

I know Eli uses MS-Windows frequently, so, any hint?

Thanks in advance,

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