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[PATCH] ; Fix incorrect function name in treesit manual

From: Simon Pugnet
Subject: [PATCH] ; Fix incorrect function name in treesit manual
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2023 11:46:30 +0000

Dear Emacs maintainers,

This is my first time posting a patch so please forgive me if I have made any mistakes.

I am currently working on a PHP tree sitter major mode and while reading the manual I noticed what I think is an error in one of the examples. I have attached a small patch which changes these examples, so if that is indeed an error then please could you apply it for me?

I'm not sure whether I'll get this new PHP tree sitter mode to a suitably high quality, but nevertheless I would like to start contributing the Emacs development so I will go ahead with completing the copyright assignment paperwork. The attached patch is very small however so I believe this is exampt from copyright assignment (I have marked it as such).

Kind regards,

Simon Pugnet

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