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Re: [External] : Re: A feature to go to last edit locations

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [External] : Re: A feature to go to last edit locations
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2023 23:28:20 +0300
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> > Given how much one moves during editing, I have hard time imagining
> > how a command that returns me to "the last place I edited" could be
> > useful without me telling Emacs which of those places is important and
> > which isn't.

That ispired me, thanks Eli.

> If you invent a mechanism to save "the last location" >
> automatically, you are going to add a facility that will have a high
> probability of false positives.


Then I have some buffers which are not tied to file name, temporary
buffers, but they may dwell for days, and I wish to go to them too.

If they disapear, then I have to implement self-destruction of such
point of non-existing buffer without file name.

> > In any case, whatever method of deducing automatically which place to
> > record, I think it's better to build the feature on top of registers,
> > since they are already equipped for saving and restoring
> > locations.

I had to implement it in the database quickly (DONE), as I have less
to think of. Previous ID, next ID and using one global or local
variable to keep the current point ID.

Food is good.

> FWIW, Bookmark+ has `bmkp-automatic-bookmark-mode', which
> just records locations with a timer delay.

That is also idea. Though it can't teach Emacs what user thinks.

And what about the point from where user went to other points, that
one should be recorded automatically, I guess, as how else can user go

>   If you want the automatic bookmarks to be temporary (not saved to your
>   bookmark file), then customize option

Definitely it is food for thought. Temporary bookmarks should be those
from where user jumped from, as example.

>   If you want the automatically created bookmarks to be highlighted,
>   then customize option `bmkp-auto-light-when-set' to highlight
>   bookmarks of the appropriate kind.  For example, to highlight
>   autonamed bookmarks set it to `autonamed-bookmark'.

Not that it is related, but I just imagine how specific part of text
could be highlighted, and then also bookmarked, and than point would
search for that text, and come there, and highlight it again.


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