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Re: Android port

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: Android port
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2023 10:01:55 +0100 (CET)

> Il 19/02/2023 03:13 Po Lu ha scritto:
> As it says, you should read the node ``Android Environment'' in the
> Emacs manual.  This notification is displayed to prevent Emacs from
> being killed after entering the background.

I did but many things are still unclear..

> Copying an init.el from another system is best done through the system
> file manager or by copying the files into Emacs's home directory via the
> external storage.

Here the file manager does not show Emacs directory.. or at least I cannot find 
it.. It is unclear the last sentence: from Emacs I can visit a file, say in 
/sdcard/Download/, but HOW copy it in Emacs, say in ~/?

> File managers on most proprietary versions of Android refuse to display
> Emacs's home directory, because they are more keen to display
> advertisements than to actually manage files.

..so this way could be unusable here...

> First, try with an up to date build.  

Let's wait for an F-Droid update, then..

>   adb logcat | grep android_run_debug_thread

to run the above or similar I should install adb on GNU/Linux (Mint in my 
case)? and how to connect the device? with its cable? I never did this because 
I transfer files via ssh and similar.. BTW, I have adb installed in Termux on 
the same device.. I wonder if I can use that..

In any case,

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