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Re: Eglot "inlay hints" landed

From: Chinmay Dalal
Subject: Re: Eglot "inlay hints" landed
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2023 10:59:17 +0530
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Thanks, this works well.

> Since inlay hints are potentially a large amount of data to request from
> the LSP server, the implementation strives to be as parsimonious as
> possible with these requests.
> So, by default, inlay hints are only requested for the visible portions
> of the buffer across windows showing this buffer.  This is done by
> leveraging the 'window-scroll-functions' variable, making for a
> reasonably complex implementation involving per-window timers.  When
> scrolling a window, it may take a short amount of time for inlay hints
> to "pop in".

Can it be instead done in such a way that initially (when loading a new
file) they are requested for the whole buffer, then on subsequent
changes they are only requested for the visible regions.

This has some edge cases like pasting a huge block into a selected
region (here, text will be changed beyond what is currently visible so
it will take some time when someone scrolls to that region) but IMHO it
seems strictly better than the present.


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