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Re: emacs-29 56cd810b9d1: Don’t signal warning when loading go-ts-mode.e

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Re: emacs-29 56cd810b9d1: Don’t signal warning when loading go-ts-mode.el without grammar
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2023 19:05:27 -0800

> Yuan, why was this change made?  The fact that loading go-ts-mode.el
> without a grammar library causes a warning is the intended behavior:
> users who don't have tree-sitter setup for Go shouldn't load this
> mode, and if they do, they should know it failed, and why.  The above
> change makes it fail silently, which is not a Good Thing.

I thought that we’d want the warning to appear when user calls go-mod-ts-mode 
or open a file that uses that mode, rather than at load time. What I had in 
mind is when someone only install tree-sitter-go and want to edit some Go file, 
and they get this warning of go-mod being not available. This is what I 
encountered which prompted this change. I didn’t know that was intentional; 
since it’s intentional, please revert it (maybe you already have), and sorry 
for the hiccup :-)

> made this even worse: now we have a byte-compilation warning in a
> build without tree-sitter, and this code will signal a generic error
> (whose text is not very helpful to users) if the file is loaded in a
> build without tree-sitter.  This is all against the intended behavior
> of these modes.
> Again, what problem were you trying to fix with that change?

Treesit-ready-p is intended to be used for major modes, so it includes checks 
for current buffer’s size, which doesn’t make much sense when called when 
loading the file. But if you intentionally used that function for the warning, 
I guess there is no harm using it this way, as the default size threshold is 
rather large.


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