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Re: Should yaml-ts-mode inherit from prog-mode?

From: Brian Cully
Subject: Re: Should yaml-ts-mode inherit from prog-mode?
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2023 12:20:18 -0400
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Rudolf Schlatte <rudi@constantly.at> writes:

Most yaml files "in the wild" are configuration files (for Kubernetes, ansible, and other "modern" tools), so in practice yaml-mode is much closer to json-mode and lisp-data-mode, both of which derive from

The distinction, for me, is that YAML is highly structured text, which will fail to parse intelligibly for everything that tries to use it if that structure is ignored or malformed. It is intended primarily for machine interpretation, not human. Contrast that to Org, which is obviously intended primarily for humans, with structural elements specifically chosen so that it is intelligible by humans in the absence of org-mode entirely, and is still quite usable even with malfored structure. Org is, primarily, for prose. YAML is for instructing a machine. If your job is telling a machine what to do, you're a prog-mode, in my book.

And count me in as someone who has to jump through a bunch of hoops to get yaml-mode working “correctly” due to it being based on text mode.


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