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Re: Grammar checking

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Grammar checking
Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 23:12:38 -0400

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  > LanguageTool isn't proprietary software, but it is used for SaaSS
  > where the "premium" tier appears to use rule sets that are not
  > released with the base tool.

We certainly don't want Emacs to lead people to submit to practices
like that.

If the released (and free) LanguageTool _program_ gives adequate
results, we could make Emacs support working with that.  But we should
take pains _not_ to support the kind of communication that that SaaSS
server offers.

                                  LanguageTool.org is very clear in using
  > the term "open source" rather than "free" to describe the software
  > (and configuration files) for its "Basic" service.

That means they don't agree with our philosophy.  Given the facts
you've described, that is no surprise.  But we don't need to reject a
free program just because its developers disagree with our philosophy.

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