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Re: Grammar checking

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Grammar checking
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2023 23:28:57 -0400

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  > I may have been mistaken in my first reading. I read the message as saying
  > that any process using the free service would receive an advertisement of
  > how many corrections would be found by the premium service.  I am assuming
  > that at the least emacs maintainers would want to filter that out by
  > default. The forum message may only refer to using the web user interface
  > for checking sample text, though.

  > If the former is true though, it could be difficult to ensure such
  > advertising is always filtered. It really depends on the owners of that
  > service, who can change over time.

We would not want to release Emacs with code that would talk to the
premium dis-service.  We would want to write the code we release so
that it would not try to use the dis-service.

Since Emacs is free, users could change the code so it would talk
to the LanguageTool dis-service.  We have no say over that.
But we would never release or recommend that code.

This being so, I think we don't need to worry about whether the dis-service
sends advertisements to users of software that talks to it.   Our
software will not talk to it anyway.

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