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Flymake backends

From: Ergus
Subject: Flymake backends
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2023 17:07:14 +0200


I have been using flymake instead of flycheck.

Without any configuration I found that flymake does not show any issue;
while flycheck shows multiple corrections. That's why flycheck contains
a simpler interface to implement basic backends and consequently it has
many buildt-in backends (i.e. cppcheck, gfortran etc).

The question is:

1) Is there any effort around to improve the flymake api to add
backends in a simpler way?

Because there are multiple functions the flymake code to simplify common
tasks, but they are intended for private use cases.

It may simplify integration with other build systems like ninja or

So far something like flymake-quickdef, may help...

2) Is it desirable to add built-in backends to flymake for common/simple
tools generally available like cppcheck, flake and so on... to improve
the default experience and minimize configuration?


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