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seeking feedback on keymaps introspection tool

From: Psionic K
Subject: seeking feedback on keymaps introspection tool
Date: Mon, 29 May 2023 07:54:57 -0500

I am close to publishing a package called user-keys.  The goal was to assist in diagnosing and planning out bindings schemes.  So far it has three main functions:
One possible next goal is to show emulation map updates and listing active maps with symbols rather than raw keymap data structures.

I am planning to extend the predicate matching to work on mass-unbinding.  Right now it's useful for diagnosing all "stupid" bindings, which I preconfigured to predicates such as, "modified shift keys" or "multiple modifiers".

Part of the goal was to develop a transient interface to articulate these views of the keymaps.  I'm not sure how that's progressing since there's not quite enough functionality to leverage state and input re-use that characterizes a good context specific interface.

I felt like it's a good time to show what's built and see if anyone has ideas based on experience about difficulty getting a good high-level view of active maps and what information they miss as a developer or user.

I attached screenshots to this issue since I haven't made a video demo yet:



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