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Re: Android port of Emacs

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Android port of Emacs
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2023 12:47:44 -0400

   > > Your work is appreciated, but I'm unconvinced that it can make the
   > > impact of this port easy enough to not break our backs.  Rather than
   > > relying on beliefs, I'd like to rely on experience with other ports,
   > > and on general experience with Emacs development.
   > I designed the Android port _with_ said experience in mind.  Including
   > design mistakes in the Haiku and PGTK ports that I have since fixed.

   I was talking about long-term experience of developing and maintaining
   various ports in Emacs.  You cannot possibly have such an experience.

One can view it as someone getting that long term experience, I tink
Po Lu has shown to be quite the long term hacker when it comes to GNU
Emacs.  Giving them the responsibility of said port is a good way to
nourish, and grown such experience.

But yeah, as in a previous message of Eli, there are jobs that have to
be done.  E.g., what happens if this port delays a release in some
manner (Po Lu not having the time to address the issue, or it is
complicated, whatever)?  

Does that delay the whole release of Emacs, is it addressed in a bug
fix release ... Maybe there could be made some rules about what
happens if the port (or any port) starts lagging behind.

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