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Re: Getting Gnus to highlight citations in long mails

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Getting Gnus to highlight citations in long mails
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2023 20:56:20 +0300
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>>> I have read all your mails and whole patch carefully (but can't test it
>>> because your patch does not apply to master/emacs-29).  Now it's difficult
>>> to read this mail because quotes are no more highlighted in Gnus.
>>> I don't know if this is because you mail is too long, or there is
>>> some bug in Gnus, but this is a minor problem.
>> I also use Gnus, and it works fine for me, but the mail did got very long. I
>> have removed old parts in the response, and just left those of your last
>> question/comments on which I have answered. I have put this one on top, it 
>> was
>> somewhere in the middle; the rest is as they come in your last response.
> Does (setopt gnus-cite-parse-max-size nil) help?

Thanks, after customizing it to nil, all messages are fontified now.
No idea why it has so small value by default.

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