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Re: call-process should not block process filters from running

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: call-process should not block process filters from running
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2023 12:12:44 +0800
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sbaugh@catern.com writes:

> already covered by "arbitrary Lisp will run during call-process"?

Which is the problem.

> It's not pasting into Emacs, it's pasting into other X clients.  I
> indeed don't care about pasting into Emacs while a subprocess runs.  But
> I like to be able to use other X clients, including by pasting, while a
> subprocess runs.

The solution is to stop the subprocess before inserting the contents of
the selection into another client.

> I've received lots of user complaints about the inability to paste in
> other X clients while Emacs is sitting in call-process.  Fixing that is
> one of my key motivations for this change.

It's not a bug.  It doesn't have to be fixed.  If your particular use
case is okay with running Lisp while waiting for a process to complete,
then it should use accept-process-output, not call-process.

In the meantime, allowing timers and selection converters to run inside
call-process sounds like it will introduce many new bugs...

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