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Re: Android port

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: Android port
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2023 20:20:20 +0800
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Bruno Haible <bruno@clisp.org> writes:

> Paul Eggert wrote:
>> As I understand it the Android port uses Gnulib printf-posix and 
>> vasprintf-posix modules only because Android printf lacks support for 
>> "%td", "%jd" and "%ju".
> No, that's not the case. Android *printf supports the 't', 'j', 'z' already
> since 2009-03-04 (ca. Android 1.6).
> I don't know what's the minimum supported Android version targetted by Po Lu

Android 2.2.

That being said, I'm reluctant to remove the printf-posix module at this
stage of the port's development.  Emacs has undergone extensive testing
on all supported versions of Android with the Gnulib printf, and hardly
any at all without.

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