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Re: Brand new clojure support in Emacs ;-)

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: Brand new clojure support in Emacs ;-)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2023 19:12:09 +0100
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João Távora <joaotavora@gmail.com> writes:

> I might have missed some important from yourself, but if clojure-ts-mode
> is in such stages of infancy and you are its author, why don't you
> consider placing clojure-ts-mode in a GNU repository?  If CIDER is such
> a fundamental tool (like SLIME and SLY are for Common Lisp) your
> long-term goals would decidely also apply to any future GNU Clojure
> mode for Emacs.

Going back to some earlier emails I see you have addressed this earlier.
You wrote:

 > > Not all of the maintainers of clojure-mode and clojure-ts-mode are
 > > on board with the core development model, particularly copyright
 > > assignment. Initially I wanted to put this straight in the core but
 > > after some discussion we decided not to. I have personally done my
 > > copyright assignment, but for clojure-ts-mode we won't be asking
 > > contributors for it. Therefore, going into GNU ELPA or core then is
 > > out of the question.

>From what I could gather from clojure-ts-mode's GitHub repository, you
and Bozidhar are its main authors.  Then there is a single non-trivial
contribution by a single other author Jason Jackson, bringing the total
number of contributors to 3.  That single contribution is a syntax table
which looks non-trivial in terms of LOC, but it repeats a lot of what is
already lisp-data-mode's syntax table anyway, so probably could be
rewritten very easily).

Therefore, given that both you and Bozidhar have signed CA's and given
that you could happily continue to develop it on GitHub (like I did with
Eglot for many years), I'm astonished how you were convinced to not
bring your creation into the GNU project after initially wanting to.

Personally, I can say that Eglot has over a 100 contributors and I never
saw copyright assignment as a anywhere close to a significant issue
hampering contribution.


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