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Separate minibuffer frame and resize-mini-frames in 29.1

From: Andrii Kolomoiets
Subject: Separate minibuffer frame and resize-mini-frames in 29.1
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2023 23:25:23 +0300
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Start Emacs with the following command:

emacs -Q --eval "(setq default-frame-alist '((minibuffer . nil)))" \
         --eval "(setq resize-mini-frames t)"

And press `C-x C-f`.

>From what I can see, some Emacs ports are works fine, and some don't.

For example, NS port (build 1, aarch64-apple-darwin21.6.0, NS
appkit-2113.60 Version 12.6.6 (Build 21G646)) is working fine.

Emacs-mac port (build 1, aarch64-apple-darwin22.5.0, Carbon Version 169
AppKit 2299.6 of 2023-08-08) becomes unresponsive.

GTK port (aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.24.38, cairo version
1.17.8) becomes unresponsive too.  I need to press C-g after each
keypress in order to character appears in the minibuffer.

Can you please try the same on different ports (Windows, PGTK, etc.) in
order to confirm this issue?



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