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How do I use `native-comp-compiler-options`?

From: StrawberryTea
Subject: How do I use `native-comp-compiler-options`?
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2023 11:54:03 -0500
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Hi. So I'm just wondering how to use `native-comp-compiler-options`.
Does it just take the same values that CFLAGS can take? I'm asking
because I patched my Emacs to define `native-comp-compiler-options` as

`("-march=skylake" "-Ofast" "-g0" "-fno-finite-math-only"
"-fomit-frame-pointer" "-malign-data=cacheline" "-fira-region=mixed"
"-fira-algorithm=CB" "-fira-hoist-pressure" "-fira-loop-pressure"
"-floop-nest-optimize" "-fgraphite-identity")

but I don't really notice any difference in performance in usage nor in
any of the benchmarks in my config file:

Nor do I see a difference when I compile `silly-loop` with and without
the above options. I am using `native-comp-speed` 3 and lexical binding
for all files and my GCC version is
gcc (Gentoo 14.0.0 p, commit d0b55776a4e1d2f293db5ba0e4a04aefed055ec4)
14.0.0 20230903 (experimental) a7d052b3200c7928d903a0242b8cfd75d131e374

I'm not sure if it's because my benchmarks are too trivial or because I
have `native-comp-speed` 3 so there is not much to optimize beyond that.
I definitely do notice the numbers change more when I recompile Emacs
itself with different CFLAGS and I think I did notice a difference
bumpin `native-comp-speed` up from 2 to 3 but not from setting

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